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S & J Nursery's Guide to Growing 

Agave celsii 'Nova'

for the Northeast Florida Landscape

( Agave celsii 'Nova' )

 Agave celsii 'Nova' Northeast Florida Agave celsii 'Nova' Plant Origins:


  A beautiful Agave natural seed cross cultivated for it's silvery rosette of foliage. Mature height is only 2 ft high and wide, so if your looking for well behaved Agave that wont turn into a monstrous giant in your yard this is it! It's compact form allows for mass plantings in the landcapes that won't overcrowd the area or spread into unwanted areas like sidewalks and patios or pool deck areas.



Sun / Shade Exposure for Agave celsii 'Nova':


- Agave plants can be planted in a full sun or a partially shaded location in the Northeast Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape.



Foliage and Growth Habit of Agave celsii 'Nova':


Silvery foliage in a wide low growing rosette of leaves that resembles a lotus blossom, what more can you ask for in an Agave!


Agave Celsii Nova is a faster growing agave that in irrigated spaces can bloom in as little as 4-6 years. So keep them dry or in a container for the longest possible lifespan, and don't forget to remove and plant any pups that show up so you'll always have a few of these gorgeous Agave in your collection.


Soil Preference / Salt tolerance of Agave Plants:


Agave plants will prefer extremely well draining soils that are comprised mostly of sand. If you have clay soils or nice black dirt that grabs and holds water after rains here in Northeast Florida it would be a good idea to relegate your Agave plantings to raised bed areas and decorative containers.


  Agave plants are salt tolerant and make a great plant selection for coastal plantings.


Mature Size:


Expect your Agave celsii Nova plants to reach 2 feet high and wide when fully grown.



 Water Requirements:


Agave are extremely drought tolerant as their foliage is a water storage unit for the plant allowing it to survive periods of extreme drought unharmed.



Allow your agave plants to go unwatered during the winter months to strengthen their defense against a hard freeze.  


Care of Agave celsii 'Nova' in the Northeast Florida / Jacksonville and St. Augustine Landscape:



 - Plant into well drained soil that does not stay moist or wet long after rains. In frequently moist or water logged soils consider building up a of sandy soil at least 6 inches above grade and two to three feet wide to plant your Agave in.


 - Agave make great container plantings as containers tend to dry out quickly even with daily rains. Consider planting in a decorative container with drain holes that can be planted into the ground with a minimum of one third to one half of the pot left above the existing soil level.


- Water once or twice a week during the establishment period after planting in the garden from an S & J Nursery container.


- Mulch heavily to reduce weed growth under the foliage. Consider using a pre emergent herbicide like Preen or placing a .5 - 1 inch layer of newspaper under the mulch around the plant after installing your new Agave to inhibit the growth of weeds that may be hard to reach under the Agave foliage.


-Fertilize each spring with a well balanced plant food like Osmocote.




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Agave celsii 'Nova' 


for the Northeast Florida Landscape



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