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Dry or Sandy Soil Shrubs

for Northeast Florida 

Abelia Glossy

Beauty Berry

Bottlebrush Slim Shrubs S & J Nursery    Bottlebrush 'Slim'

Boxwood Shrubs For Northeast Florida      Boxwood

Holly Carissa Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Holly Carissa

Holly Shrub Dw. Burf. for Northeast Florida     Holly Dwarf Burfordii

Schilling Shrub For Northeast Florida      Holly Schillings Dwarf

Indian Hawthorne Smaller sized shrubs For Northeast Florida     Indian Hawthorne

Blue Pacific Juniper Low Growing Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Juniper Blue Pacific

Juniper Parsonii Low Growing Shrubs For Norhteast Florida     Juniper Parsonii

Blue Vase Juniper Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Juniper Blue Vase

Juniper Gold Lace

Green Ligustrum Optimized     Ligustrum

Variegated Howardii Ligustrum Shrubs for Norhteast Florida Landscapes     Ligustrum Howardii

Jack Frost Ligustrum Smaller Size Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Ligustrum 'Jack Frost'


Ligustrum Recurve Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Ligustrum Recurve


Pineapple Guava Shrubs for Norhteast Florida Landscpes     Pineapple Guava

Green Pittosporum Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Pittosporum Green

 Variegated Pittosporum Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Pittosporum Variegated

Podocarpus Dwarf

Podocarpus Shrubs For Northeast Florida Landscapes     Podocarpus 'Maki'

Plumbago Blue Large shrubs for Northeast Florida      Plumbago Blue

Plumbago White Blooms large Shrub Northeast Florida      Plumbago White

Red Tip Photenia



Tea Olive Shrub for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Tea Olive

 Texas Sage shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Texas Sage

Sweet Viburnum Shrubs for Northeast Florida S & J Nursery   Viburnum Odo.

Florida native Shrub walters viburnum whorled class     Viburnum Walters Whorled Class

Yellow Bells Tacoma Stans

Youpon Holly Shrubs for Northeast Florida      Youpon Holly       

Wax Myrtle Shrub S & J Nursery     Wax Myrtle

Wax Myrtle Dwarf


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