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for Northeast Florida Landscapes


( Callistemon Macarthur )

Bottlebrush Dwarf macarthur OptimizedDwarf Macarthur Bottlebrush Origins:

- The new Callistemon Dwarf Bottlebrush Macarthur is a new selection here at S & J Nursery from the growers at Ozbreed. This hybrid is a result of an intentional cross of the Little John Callistemon and the more prolifically blooming but slightly larger Captain Cook Callistemon. The Result? A quickly establishing, dwarf bottlebrush that is simply loaded with blooms!!!  This great new introduction here at S & J Nursery should be ready towards the end of summer 2012.


Dwarf Macarthur Bottlebrush Preferred Exposure:


- Plant in full sun or partial shade in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St.Augustine area gardens.


Dwarf Macarthur Bottlebrush Foliage | Bark:


- Medium green slender foliage remains evergreen in zones 9 -11. Protect from harsh frosts in more cold sensitive environments or plant in a frost free area of your landscape such as the south side of the house and away from the cold winter North winds.

 Dwarf Macarthur Bottlebrush Soil Preference / Salt Tolerance:

 - Bottlebrush Dwarf Macarthur will be widely tolerant of most soil conditions in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape. From moist to well drained acid to alkaline.  


- Fair salt tolerance 


Dwarf Bottlebrush Macarthur Size Variance:


- This great new full flowering dwarf bottlebrush only reaches up to 1.8 meters (almost 6 ft) high and 1.5 meters (almost 5 ft) wide when left unpruned to reach its mature height !!!. That's great news for anyone who wants a moderate sized flowering shrub, they can easily be maintained much lower with a simple annual pruning each spring.


Dwarf Bottlebrush Macarthur Growth Habit:


- Callistemon Dwarf Macarthur has a rounded growth habit and tends to grow nearly as wide as it is high so allow for plenty of vertical space in the landscape.


Dwarf Bottlebrush Macarthur Growth Rate:


- Moderate grower, you can expect a Dwarf Bottlebrush Macarthur to add 3-6 inches of growth each season.


Dwarf Macarthur Callistemon Bloom:


- Bright red baby bottlebrush like blooms on ends of branch tips cover the plant in the spring and bloom intermittently through summer and into fall in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape.


Dwarf Bottlebrush Macarthur Water Requirements:


-Drought tolerant once established, but water well after transplanting from the container to the landscape for a few weeks during the establishment period.


Butterfly or Bird Attracting:


- Butterfly attracting blooms!!!


Best Uses For Bottlebrush Dwarf Macarthur in the North Florida Gardens Landscape:


- Not preferred and rarely bothered by browsing deer.


- Showy accent plant or taller shrub for the back of the border perennial gardens.


- Great low maintenance blooming shrub


Care of Bottlebrush Dwarf Macarthur:


- Water every day during the establishment period, a bottlebrush tree allowed to dry out during the establishment period runs a high risk of shock, leaves will turn a light tan color and if water is re-applied consistently the leaves will drop and new leaves begin to form within a months time. DO NOT ignore WATERING DAILY ON A NEW BOTTLEBRUSH PLANTING. See watering your newly planted trees for more information.


- Bottlebrush Dwarf Macarthur responds well to pruning although it will tend to have very bushy growth and a neat rounded appearance with no help from the garden shears if allowing the plant to reach its full size potential.


- Fertilize each spring and summer with a heaping shovel full of well aged compost or a mixture of milorganite and a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food, sprinkling the fertilizer around the mulch circle underneath the foliage of the tree or hedge.




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North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape.