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Hardy Flowering Shrubs

for Northeast Florida

 Hardy Landscape shrubs for foundation plantings for your Jacksonville or St. Augustine area home or officelandscape are listed below.

These are all reliably evergreen items that remain year round with foliage and will have some blooms on them during one or more seasons in the year. There are more options that may be shorter lived, more tempermantal, or that loose their leaves durng the winter that you may want to consider. See the list here for other Flowering Shrub Options for Northeast Florida.

 Anise, Red ( Illicum floridanum)

Florida native Shrub Anise Yellow for Northeast Florida landscapes  Anise, Yellow ( Illicum parviflorum)

Azalea Conversation Piece

Azalea Duc De Rohan Medium or Moderate Sized Shrubs for Norhteast Florida      Azalea Duc De Rohan

Azalea Duchess of Cypress Northeast Florida Shrubs     Azalea Dutchess of Cypress

Azalea Fashion Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Azalea Fashion

Azalea Lavender FOrmosa Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Azalea Formosa Lavender

Azalea Red Formosa     Azalea Formosa Red

Azalea George Tabor Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Azalea George Tabor

Azalea Pink Ruffle

Azalea Prize

Azalea Red Ruffle Smaller Sized Shrubs for Northeast Florida      Azalea Red Ruffle

Azalea Southern Charm     Azalea Southern Charm

Azalea White Gerbing Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Azalea White Mrs. G.G. Gerbing

Bottlebrush Dwarf macArthur Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Bottlebrush 'Dwarf Macarthur'

 Bottlebrush 'Little John'

 Bottlebrush Slim Shrubs S & J Nursery     Bottlebrush 'Slim'

Indian Hawthorne Smaller sized shrubs For Northeast Florida     Indian Hawthorne

Loropetalum Burgundy     Loropetalum Burgundy

Plum Loropetalum Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Loropetalum Plum Delight / Pizzaz

Loropetalum Ruby Smaller Sized Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Loropetalum Ruby

 Loropetalum Zhuzhou

Plumbago Blue Large shrubs for Northeast Florida      Plumbago Blue

Plumbago White Blooms large Shrub Northeast Florida      Plumbago White

Rose Belindas Dream Shrub S & J Nursery      Rose Belindas Dream

 Rose Butterfly Mutabilis

Rose Shrub Caldwell Pink Pet S & J Nursery    Rose Caldwell Pink

Rose Dericks Pink Polyantha

 Drift Rose Shrub Apricot S & J Nursery     Rose Drift Apricot

Coral Drift Rose Shrub S & J Nursery     Rose Drift Coral

 Peach Drift Rose Shrub S & J Nursery     Rose Drift Peach

Drift Rose Shrub Pink S & J Nursery     Rose Drift Pink

Pink Sweet Drift Rose Shrub S & J Nursery    Rose Drift Pink Sweet

Popcorn Drift Rose Fhrub S & J Nursery     Rose Drift Popcorn

Red Drift Rose Shrub S & J Nursery Rose Drift Red

 Knockout Shrub rose Blush S & J Nursery     Rose Knockout Blush

 Shrub Rose Single Pink Knockout     Rose Knockout Pink Single

       Rose Knockout Pink Double

Shrub Rose single red Knockout      Rose Knockout Red Single

Shrub Rose Knockout Double Red S & J Nursery      Rose Knockout Red Double

Rose Lemoncello

Rose Pick Nick

Pineapple Guava Shrubs for Norhteast Florida Landscpes      Pineapple Guava

Tea Olive Shrub for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Tea Olive

 Texas Sage shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Texas Sage


Viburnum Mrs. Schillers Delight     Viburnum Walters Dwarf Mrs. Schillers

Florida native Shrub walters viburnum whorled class     Viburnum Walters 'Whorled Class'

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