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Foliage Color Shrubs

for Northeast Florida 

Anise 'Florida Sun'

Aucuba Variegated

Bottlebrush 'Red Alert'


Indian Hawthorne Smaller sized shrubs For Northeast Florida     Indian Hawthorne

 Euonymous Variegated Silver

Eonymous Variegated Gold


Blue Poit Juniper Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Juniper Blue Point

Blue Vase Juniper Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Juniper Blue Vase

Juniper Gold Lace

Juniper Variegated Parsonii

Ligustrum Variegated Senensis

Variegated Howardii Ligustrum Shrubs for Norhteast Florida Landscapes     Ligustrum Variegated 'Howardii'

Jack Frost Ligustrum Smaller Size Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Ligustrum Varigeated 'Jack Frost'

Pineapple Guava Shrubs for Norhteast Florida Landscpes     Loropetalum Plum

Loropetalum Ruby Smaller Sized Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Loropetalum Ruby

Loropetalum Zhuzhou

Nandina Firepower Smaller Sized Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Nandina 'Firepower' Dwarf

Pineapple Guava Shrubs for Norhteast Florida Landscpes     Pineapple Guava

Variegated Pittosporum Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Pittosporum Variegated

Red Tip Photenia

Red Tip Viburnum

Texas Sage shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Texas Sage

Hibiscus Snow Queen Shrub      Variegated 'Snow Queen' Hibiscus

Red Hot Hibiscus Shrub     Variegated 'Red Hot' Hibiscus


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