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Fragrant Shrubs

for Northeast Florida


Almond Bush

Anise, Red ( Illicum floridanum)

Florida native Shrub Anise Yellow for Northeast Florida landscapes     Anise, Yellow ( Illicum parviflorum )

Bananna Shrub

Camellia Kramers Supreme

Carissa / Natal Plum

Pink Sweet Drift Rose Shrub S & J Nursery     Drift Rose 'Pink Sweet'

Gardenia August Beauty

Gardenia Daisy

Gardenia Frost Proof

Gardenia Mystery

Mock Orange

Night Blooming Jasmine Shrubs S & J Nursery     Night Blooming Jasmine

Green Pittosporum Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Pittosporum Green

Variegated Pittosporum Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Pittosporum Variegated

Plum Loropetalum Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Rose Belindas Dream


Sambac Jasmine Maid of Orleans

Sambac Jasmine Grande Duke

Sambac Jasmine Bell of India ( elongated blooms )

Tea Olive Shrub for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Tea Olive

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow


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