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Gaillardia Arizona Sun

Perennial Blanket Flower

( Gaillardia Aristata ' Arizona Sun' )

Gaillardia Arizona Sun Origins:Gaillardia Arizona Sun / gaillardia aristata


- Gaillardia Aristata is a perennial parent to the Gauillardia grandiflora that is so common in todays garden centers. gaillardias are native to South and Midwest United States including Florida!


 - The Southern Living Garden Book said " They Thrive on Neglect, so put away the watering can and fertilizer. They love heat have no serious pests, and are not fussy about soil ( although they must have good drainage ) " And if that weren't good enough to get you to give these pretty plants a try, just take a look at those blooms. With so many new hybrids showing up every day there's a Gaillardia for every garden. Never will you get so much in return for so little effort the with Gaillardia in your garden.


 - Gaillardia Arizona Sun is my absolute new favorite, i love the big bold blooms on such a compact tidy little plant. Plant in groups of 3 or more and you can see them from down the block! Really showy plants perfect for Florida's hot summers and sandy soils.



Gaillardia Arizona Sun Preferred Exposure:


- Gaillardia Arizona Sun will prefer a full sun location in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscapes.


Gaillardia Arizona Sun Foliage:


- Compact foliage is light, bright green and heavily cut.


 - Arizona sun is a short lived Perennial in the North Florida area garden and is best planted as an annual.


 - Don't trim off flowers at the end of summer, let the plant go to seed so you can have more " Volunteers" in the garden the following season.



Gaillardia Arizona Sun Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:


- While not particular of soil components, Gaillardia Arizona Sun will need good drainage and will thrive in any well drained soil.


- Salt tolerance unknown


Gaillardia Arizona Sun Size Variance:


- Gaillardia Arizona Sun will grow only 8-10 inches high and 10-12 inches wide.


Gaillardia Arizona Sun Growth Habit:


- Gaillardia Arizona Sun is a clump forming perennial plant selection.


Gaillardia Arizona Sun Growth Rate:


- Fast growing plant establishes itself quickly into the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine landscape.


Gaillardia Arizona Sun Bloom:


- Gaillardia Arizona Sun has big bold beautiful blooms that just cover the plants foliage during late spring and summer, blooms are a bright yellow and soft peachy orange, resembling an Arizona Sunset giving the plant its name. Flowers have a flat open daisy - like appearance.


Gaillardia Arizona Sun Water Requirements:


- Low water, drought tolerant once established into the landcape.



Butterfly or Bird Attracting:


- Gaillardia Arizona Sun will attract butterflies, and bees to your garden when in bloom!


Best Uses For Gaillardia Arizona Sun in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area garden:


- Gaillardia Arizona Sun is an excellent low growing short lived Perennial for Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape.


- Plant in masses as a flowering groundcover.


- Excellent front of the border planting for an instant eye appeal.


- Butterfly, bee attracting and deer resistant!


 - Perfect no maintenance flower for busy gardeners.


Care of Gaillardia Arizona Sun in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape:



- Plant may be dug and divided every 2 years to make additional plants to locate in other areas of the garden.


- Water every day during the establishment period after planting in the garden from a nursery container.


- Fertilize each spring with a handful of garden compost or a mixture of Milorganite and a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food or 10-10-10.


-For great blooming results try Miracle Grow' s new time release bloom feeding fertilizer from Amazon marketplace here!


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