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'Green Edge' For North Florida Gardens

Green Edge Fertilizer for North Florida Lawn and Landscape

If your looking for a local organic fertilizer for your garden this is it! Its child safe, pet safe and best of all totally eco friendly. Its great for all kinds of garden uses and is an indispensable aid in the plant industry. Its the perfect source of non burning, slow release organic nitrogen for your garden or landscape! If you want it greener, you need Green Edge.


GreenEdge® is an advanced slow release fertilizer, made with organic nitrogen for vibrant turfgrass, thriving ornamentals and healthy gardens. GreenEdge® acts as a bio-activator to increase microbial activity and replenish the soil.

 Better results with less fertilizer!


 check mediumGrow plants using less water ! Perfect for sandy soil and well draining gardens.

check mediumNon burning nitrogen source to get your garden greener.

check mediumAdds Organic matter into your soil.

check mediumKeeps your plants growing healthy, Improving plants drought tolerance and disease resistance.

check mediumPerfect for Annuals, Perennials, other Flowering plants.

check mediumGreat for newly planted | transplanted Shrubs. Add to existing shrubs for extra drought       tolerance.

check mediumTrees, less stress on newly planted or transplanted trees with Green Edge.

check mediumLawn Grasses, there just is nothing better for hot dry Florida lawns.

Why Use Green Edge Fertilizer for North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area gardens and  landscapes?

You don't have to have been in Florida long to realize that there is just sand everywhere! The water provided by rains and irrigation systems disappears quickly into Florida's sandy soils. Use green edge on everything you want to water less.

Its especially important when planting new items into the landscape to make sure that your new plants are getting enough water and the root system isn't drying out. Think of Green Edge as adding tiny sponges to the soil for the root system of your plants, they are soaking up and holding all that rain and irrigation water and slowly releasing the water and nutrients to your plants root system.

  • Slow Release Fertilizer with 100% Organic Nitrogen 
  • Does Not Burn Plants 
  • Adds Organic Matter to Soil and Helps in Nutrient Recycling 
  • Grows Your Plants with Less Water and is Environmentally Friendly 
  • Use It For All Your Gardening Needs!