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Hibiscus White Wings

 in the Northeast Florida Landscape

( Hibiscus rosa- sinensis ' White Wings ' )


Hibiscus White WingHibiscus White Wings / Hibiscus rosa sinensis 'White Wings' Origins:


 -   Hibiscus rosa sinensis plants are a long time southern staple in the landscape and a favorite for potted gardens and indoor gardens in colder winter areas. The big bold blooms from spring all the way to fall add an instant tropical appeal to the landscape and are one of the showiest shrub or tree selections available.


 -  Hibiscus rosa-senensis are often referred to as Chinese Hibiscus and are thought to be native to tropical Asia.


Hibiscus White Wings Preferred Exposure:


- Hibiscus White wings can be planted in a full sun to partially shaded location in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape. 


 - Best if planted on the south side of the house away from cold north winds, up next to a fence or near the foundation of a home or other building, or near larger shade trees that will protect these tropical plants from frost.  


Hibiscus White Wings Foliage:


- Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'White Wings' has large medium to dark green leaves that are heavily scalloped at the edges.    


 - Foliage may or may not remain evergreen during the winter in our Northeast Florida area gardens, foliage is generally thought to be hardy to near 30 degrees and roots are hardy to 20 degrees. As with all tropical plantings, they are particularly responsive to their individual planting location. When planted on the south side of the house away from north winds, or where receiving some frost protection from larger trees or nearby buildings, hibiscus rosa-sinensis plants have been known to remain evergreen and blooming right in the middle of winter on one area of the yard and suffer complete foliage burn from frost in another. All that fuss and Hibiscus will remain one of the most popular landscape plants available because despite their need for a little extra care during recovery after winter, hibiscus plants will be well worth the effort!


 Hibiscus White Wings Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:


-  White Wings Butterball hibiscus plants will prefer well drained soils that are rich in organic matter. Amend the soil when planting with compost to help your northeast Florida soil hold both water and nutrients to keep the hibiscus healthy and blooming.


 - Be sure to plant your hibiscus rosa-sinensis into a raised burm (slightly elevated mound 2-3 inches of even higher above the existing grade) in wet soils, they do not like wet feet and poorly draining soils is the fastest way to kill your hibiscus plants!