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Mondo Grass Dwarf

for the Northeast Florida Landscape

 ( Ophiopogon japonicus 'nanus'  )

Mondo Grass Dwarf / Ophiopogon japonicus 'nanus' Origins:Mondo Grass Dwarf Ophiopogon japonicus nana in Florida landscape


- Dwarf Mondo grass is a mat forming perennial plant in the lily family that is native to the more tropical portions ( south and southeast) areas of Asia. It is a popular groundcover for the Northeast Florida, Jacksonville, St. Augustine and surrounding area landscapes and for good reason. Like the taller Mondo grass, dwarf Mondo is relatively maintenance free landscape plant selection once established. It just seems to keep growing strong while other plants succumb to pests, foot traffic or disease. Mondo grasses ability to tolerate a wide range of soil conditions make it ideal for planting under large shade trees to cover the surface roots, or in narrow strips near walkways and even tucked neatly in between stepping stones.


Dwarf Mondo is ideal for tucking in between paving stones, rock gardens and even vertical planters.


Mondo Grass Dwarf Ophiopogon japonicus 'nanus' Preferred Exposure:


- Dwarf Mondo Grass may grow well in a full sun location in areas farther North than our east coast zone 9 temperatures may allow.  Here in Northeast Florida's Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and surrounding area landscapes, keep your Mondo grass dwarf to full shade to filtered light locations in the landscape for best results.



Mondo Grass Dwarf / Ophiopogon japonicus 'nanus' Foliage:


- Dwarf Mondo grass has thin strap like foliage that is a deep dark green, foliage tips curve down toward the ground in rounded mounds that when planted in masses will eventually merge together to form a mat of soft carpet like groundcover. 


- Evergreen in the Northeast Florida landscape.



Mondo Grass Dwarf Ophiopogon japonicus ' nanus' Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:


- Mondo Grass is best planted into fertile well draining soils but will tolerate a wide range of soil components as long as the soil is well draining.


 - Ophiopogon does not like consistently wet roots and may tip burn in water logged soils.



Size Variance of Dwarf Mondo Grass:


- Mondo grass dwarf stays much more compact than what has come to be known here at the nursery as 'regular Mondo'.  When mature Dwarf mondo will only reach 3-4 inches high and will slowly spread to 6-10 inches wide.


 Growth Habit of Mondo Grass Dwarf:


- Evergreen, clumping almost grass like perennial forms a low growing, attractive, dense mound of gently arching foliage.


 Mondo Grass Dwarf in Norhteast Florida LandscapeGrowth Rate of Dwarf Mondo Grass Ophiopogon japonicus 'nanus':


- Monkey / Mondo grass is a slow grower, expect them to have doubled their size in the second to third year after being planted in the landscape.


Mondo Grass Dwarf / Ophiopogon japonicus 'nanus' Bloom:


-Blooms are small white clusters tight on stalks hidden within the plants foliage and very inconspicuous


Mondo Grass Dwarf / Ophiopogon japonicus 'nanus'  Water Requirements:


- Low water needs make Mondo grass dwarf an ideal plant selection for Xeroscapes plantings.


- Plants will require supplemental irrigation after being planted in the ground from the S & J Nursery container but will survive on their own with little help after establishing itself into the landscape.


- When planting in a sunnier garden location, supplemental irrigation at least twice weekly will be needed to keep the plants at their best.


Butterfly or Bird Attracting:


- Mondo Grass is not touted as a butterfly or bird attracting plant. .


Best Uses For Dwarf Mondo Grass / Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus' Grass in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area garden:


- Mondo grass dwarf is an excellent evergreen perennial plant selection for the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area landscape.


- Low maintenance landscape plant is deer proof too!


- Plant Mondo in masses around a bird bath, palm, large shade tree or other accent for a clean manicured garden setting.


 -  Dwarf Mondo grass will form a dense groundcover when planted 6 inches from the center of one plant to the center of another.


- Plant Mondo grass dwarf along the edge of a walkway or path for a clean edged look. Perfect for tight spaces where other plants root systems would suffer.


- Use as a path through the shade garden or around stepping stones to make a neat, tidy but natural looking garden path.


- Can be used as an under planting in a perennial bed to keep out weeds or unwanted seedlings.


Care of Mondo Grass Dwarf in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. AugustineDwarf Mondo grass crop growing at S & J Tree Farm and Nursery St. Augustine Florida area landscape:



- Mondo grass may be dug and divided in the early spring  to quickly spread your plants about in the garden. 


- Water every day during the establishment period after planting in the garden from am S & J  nursery container. Plants should be rooted and ready to grow within just a few short weeks when watered frequently after planting.


- Fertilize each spring with a handful of garden compost or a mixture of Milorganite and a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food or 10-10-10.



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