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How To Grow World Record Tomatoes

A Guinness Champion Reveals His ALL ORGANIC Techniques

By: Charles H. Wilber


Charlotte's Green Bookworm How To Grow World Record Tomatoes' book review:

This book is absolutely awe inspiring and amazing. And it changed the way I grow tomatoes FOREVER! I went from the belief that the best tomatoes would be produced by lots of tender loving care with expensive fertilizers and sprays to gathering leaves and manure and making good old fashioned compost tea to spray on my extremely well prepared tomato planting site. 

In his book  'How To Grow World Record Tomatoes'  Charles H. Wilber walks you through, step by step, in glorious detail all the little things that add up to one big tomato plant! I have never spent more time and effort preparing a place to plant a single seed than I did with this method... and I've ever been happier that I threw out all the preconceived notions of tomato growing I had in my head and went by what he said! Its like following a recipe to great tomato plants and its easier than you think!

'How To Grow World Record Tomatoes' is a game changer for all of us who have stuck to more modern gardening techniques and a gold mine for Organic gardeners. I personally read it over a few times and then referenced it again when actually building my tomato planting site.


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