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 Rose La Sevilliana

( No longer an Item that we stock)


'La Sevilliana' Rose Origins:La Sevilliana Rose

 - Modern Floribunda Shrub Rose isa 1982 Meilland Rose introduction.

'La Sevilliana' Preferred Exposure:

- Roses will in general need 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to bloom and perform best in the North Florida/ Jacksonville / St. Augustine area. This rose 'La Sevilliana' is touted to be able to tolerate a small amount of shade.

'La Sevilliana' Rose Soil Preference / Salt tolerance:

 -  Plant 'La Sevilliana' roses in North Florida in just about any well draining soil. Add a healthy shovel full of compost or cow manure to the planting hole when you dig and you'll love the extra help it gives you as you establish the rose in your gardens landscape.


'La Sevilliana' Rose Size Variance:

 - 'La Sevilliana'Rose will quickly reach 2-4 ft high and 3-5 ft wide in the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine garden area.  

'La Sevilliana' Rose Growth Habit:

 - Rounded rambling habit 'La Sevilliana' rose tends to be wider than it is high.  

'La Sevilliana' Rose Growth Rate:

 - Extremely quick to establish itself in the landscape and reaches mature size within the second season from a three gallon plant on the next growing season from a one gallon size plant.

 'La Sevilliana' Rose Bloom:

 - This rose had smaller 2 1/2 to  3 inch semi double blooms of a slightly orange toned dark red blooms in abundance just about all year in the North Florida / Jacksonville / St. Augustine area landscape.  Color is often described as both Dark and Vibrant.

'La Sevilliana' Rose Water Requirements:

 - Water daily to establish into the landscape and use supplimental irrigation twice a week after that for best results in the landscape when not receiving regular rainfall.

Best Uses For 'La Sevilliana' Rose :

 - Excellent when planted as a single specimen in a perennial border for a cottage garden appearance or when planted in masses for maximum curb appeal.

-  Roses also make great container plants in Florida, Great for planters at the entryway of your home or next to the back porch or patio for an easy care long blooming accent. 

Care of 'La Sevilliana' Rose :

 - 'La Sevilliana'Roses should be pruned hard every spring removing old, damaged or crossing canes. Then prune off at least one third of the existing growth should be removed.

 - Deaadhead or prune off spent blooms as needed in summer and fall for continuous bloom.

- Amend the planting hole well with compost or composted cow manure when installing roses into the landscape.

 - Water every day during the establishment period. See watering your newly planted items for more information.

 - They will need good water during the establishment period and bi-weekly supplimental irrigation particularly in periods of low rainfall.

 - Add compost or cow manure yearly as a surface treatment pulling back the mulch and spreading it around under the foliage of the plant on top of the existing soil. don't forget to remulch around the plants to help them stay cool and help them to retain moisture in our hot sunny North Florida gardens.

 - Plants respond well to a mixture of rose food and Milorganite each spring and again in mid summer, sprinkling the fertilizer around the mulch circle underneath the foliage of the plant. Basically I don't follow any schedule but fertilize mine at each pruning.


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