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Living Christmas Trees

for the Northeast Florida Landscape

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  Tired of throwing your money to the curb every January for the garbage truck to pick up? Consider a LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE that can be planted right into your Northeast Florida Landscape once Christmas time is over! If you are looking for something small for your office desktop or even something big enough to put some presents around, we have some options for you!


Link to S & J Tree Farm and Nursery's  Guide to Growing Arborvitae Blue Cone in the Northeast Florida Landscape  Arborvitae Blue Cone

Arborvitae Green Giant

Arizona Cypress


Juniper Blue Point  Blue Point Juniper ( Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point')

Brodie Cedar juniperus virginiana 'Brodie'     Brodie Cedar ( Juniperus virginiana 'Brodie')

Eagleston Holly Northeast Florida Trees  Eagleston Holly ( Ilex attenuata 'Eagleston')

Eastern Red Cedar Juniperus virginiana  Eastern Red Cedar ( Juniperus virginiana )

Holly East Palatka Northeast Flroida Trees  East Palatka Holly ( Ilex attenuata x Ilex Cassine )

Holly Nelly R Stevens Norhteast Florida Trees  Holly Nelly R Stevens (Ilex Nelly R. Stevens)

Holly Oakleaf Northeast Florida Trees  Holly Oakleaf ( Ilex Conaf )

Mary Nell Holly  Holly Mary Nell

Juniper torulosa / Hollywood Juniper  Hollywood Juniper (Juniperus torulosa)

Juniper Moonglow      Moonglow Juniper

(Juniperus chinensis Moonglow)


Savannah Holly  ( Ilex attenuata 'Savannah')

Red Cedar  Southern Red Cedar ( Juniperus silicicola)


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