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Moderate Sized Shrubs

for Northeast Florida


  Anise, Florida Sunshine

( Illicum parviflorum 'Florida Sunshine')

Azalea Duchess of Cypress Northeast Florida Shrubs    Azalea Dutchess of Cypress

Azalea Fashion Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Azalea Fashion


Plum Loropetalum Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes      Belindas Dream Shrub Rose

Bottlebrush Dwarf macArthur Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Bottlebrush 'Dwarf Macarthur'

Bottlebrush 'Little John'

Bottlebrush 'Red Alert'

Boxwood Shrubs For Northeast Florida      Boxwood

 Dwar Pringles Podocarpus / Japanese Yew Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Dwarf Podocarpus 'Pringles'

Holly Compacta

Holly Shrub Dw. Burf. for Northeast Florida     Holly Dwarf Burfordii

Schilling Shrub For Northeast Florida      Holly Ilex Schillings Dwarf

Pineapple Guava Shrubs for Norhteast Florida Landscpes     Loropetalum Plum Delight / Pazazz

Loropetalum Ruby Smaller Sized Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Loropetalum Ruby

Green Pittosporum Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Pittosporum Green

Variegated Pittosporum Shrubs For Northeast Florida     Pittosporum Variegated

Rose Butterfly Mutabilis

 Knockout Shrub rose Blush S & J Nursery     Rose Knockout Blush

 Shrub Rose Single Pink Knockout     Rose Knockout Pink Single

       Rose Knockout Pink Double

Shrub Rose single red Knockout      Rose Knockout Red Single

Shrub Rose Knockout Double Red S & J Nursery      Rose Knockout Red Double

Rose Lemoncello

Rosemary 'Barbeque'

Rosemary 'Tuscan Blue'

Florida native Shrub walters viburnum whorled class     Walters Viburnum 'Whorled Class'

Walters Viburnum Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Walters Viburnum


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