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S & J Nursery's

"Old Garden" and "Heirloom" Roses

For the Northeast Florida | Jacksonville| St. Augustine Area

'Old Garden' Roses as described by the American Rose Society are made up of Roses known to predate the introduction of the first Hybrid Tea rose in 1867. They are oftern refered to as 'Antique' roses, 'Heirloom' Roses and include 'Found' roses that have not yet been studied and classified.

Old Garden roses are own root roses not grafted onto another rose rootstock and hardy for the landscape when planted on their own roots.


 Polyantha Roses -

Compact Roses that were the parents of modern floribunda roses. They are all very heavy bloomers with large clusters of smaller 1-2 inch flowers in abundance. Foliage of Polyantha roses is generally smaller and extremely disease resistant. The compact habit of Poylantha roses make them an excellent choice for the front of the border and small garden sites as well as containers.

Caldwell Pink

The Fairy

China Roses -

The parents of modern day Hybrid tea roses, introduced from china in the late 1700 and early 1800's and forever changed the breeding of Rose plants as we know them today.

Butterfly Rose Mutabilis

Pink Pet Rose

Old Blush