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Palms of Northeast Florida

Northeast Florida Palm Trees S & J Tree Farm and Nursery If there is one plant group that you can help distinguish the Northeast Florida landscape from others it is the palms trees that you will see growing nearly everywhere you look here in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area. Palms accent the landscape everywhere from highways to recreational parks. Palms may decorate our marshes and blanket our forest floors, they even can literally can grow up as weeds in the cracks of driveways or sidewalks here in our Northeast Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine are landscapes. I once saw a Florida native Sabal palm growing right out of the seam of an older sidewalk that was 10 feet tall! No landmark tells travelers they have crossed the Florida border like the abundance of Palms trees.

We see so many of them every day that we can tend to not even notice them at all, as Floridians we take for granted what other gardeners go to great lengths to attain. Painstakingly cultivating in their greenhouses and indoor patios to get a feel of the tropics that grows so easily for us here in our subtropical climate zone.


So whether your new to the Florida landscape, or you've been ignoring Northeast Florida Palm trees for years, I hope you stop to take a second look at Palms, find a place for the many wonderful palms of Northeast Florida in your hoegardens, homes and landscapes and you'll be glad you did.

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