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New Plant IntroductionsNew Plant IntroductionsNew Plant IntroductionsNew Plant IntroductionsNew Plant IntroductionsNew Plant Introductions

What's New With us

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These New Plant Introductions !!!


Its like Christmas when we get something new to try for the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area gardens landscape. And I cant wait to share them with you. Nothing is more fun than a fellow plant lover coming in search of a plant I've never heard of, well ok, maybe hearing of a plant that I'm not familiar with then looking that plant up and finding out it should grow in our zone! Sometimes it takes a while to find them being propagated for resale and sometimes I just have to do it myself because I give up trying to locate them.

Whether its a new selection of an old favorite, a new hybrid cross, or an heirloom found worthy to bring back into cultivation, we are always looking for plants that will work in North Florida | Jacksonville| St. Augustine area gardens. Being in the plant industry makes us tire of the same old green, green and more green, so when we see a plant that we haven't gotten to experience here before, or a great new color of a tried and true favorite, or even a shorter version of a giant, or a giant version of a commonly short plant it feels like Christmas time to us. I hope you enjoy planting them as much as I enjoyed finding and growing them just for your garden.

 New Plant IntroductionsNew Plant IntroductionsNew Plant Introductions




Cordyline Electra Hawaiian Ti Plant

Hawaiian Ti Plant Cordyline 'Electra' 

A Beautiful Tropical Hawaiian Ti Hybrid bred for it's compact size and stunning foliage. Plants grow to only 2-3 ft high making them easily fit into any garden setting. And as if that weren't good enough to make you try this new Cordyline, unlike so many other Ti plants that must be hidden away in a shady corner of the yard, 'Electra' can be planted in full sun!


Digiplexus / Tropical Foxglove St. Augustine Florida Landscape S & J NurseryTropical Foxglove / Digiplexus

Being a fan of the cottage style garden, I am forever trying (and retrying) every type of Foxglove I come across. To say I am super excited about this one, is playing it down just a bit so you think I'm more normal than I am. I have quickly fallen in love with these, and for good reason, they have performed really well in my garden this year and the blooms lasted well into summer, long after I had already collected the seeds from my other varieties of Foxglove plants!

Digiplexus is a cross between the little known Isoplexis from the Canary Islands and Digitalis. It's Canary Island parentage gives it bright bold colors and beautiful healthy foliage!


Ornamental Red Pineapple PlantOrnamental Red Pineapple Plant!

Truly a tropical plant selection, these beautiful plants will need some TLC come winter time. Planted into a decorative garden pot, they can be easily moved indoors or protected from frost that can damage the foliage. These tropical beauties may need a little Electra care during the winter time, but they make up for it by ease of maintenance the rest of the year! They require very little in the way of attention to stay perfectly pristine through spring, summer, and fall.