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For the North Florida , Jacksonville  & St. Augustine Area Landscape


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Its no secret that I love Salvias for North Florida gardens. They are an easy care plant that gives back much more thna they take, with multple seasons of show stopping blooms and so little attention needd for them to look their best they are a gardeners dream come true.

The Salvia family includes over 900 species of Salvias growing in diffrent parts of the world, not to mention all of the hybrid crosses and selections within each of those species to choose from.  With so many salvias growing freely all over the world, there just has to be a variety well suited for every garden setting.

Following is a list of Salvia Selections we have grown and sold over the years including tried and true favorites that fit perfectly in to the North Florida | Jacksonville | St. Augustine area gardens landscapes, as well as a few new exciting cultivars that I am still trying out in my home gardens. Heres hoping that you not only give them a try but learn to love them every bit as much as I do!


Salvia Selections for North Florida Landscapes

Click on the images below for more information on any of S & J Nursery's Salvia Plants
Salvia Black and Blue

Salvia Black and Blue


Salvia Coral Nymph

 Salvia Coral Nymph


Salvia Mexican Bush Sage

Salvia Selection Mexican Bush Sage


Salvia Mystic Spires

Photo coming soon click this ling to go to Salvia Mystic Spires



 Salvia Pineapple Sage

 Salvia Selection Pineapple Sage


Salvia Rhea Deep Violet 

 Salvia selection Rhea Deep Violet

Salvia Strata Bicolor

Salvia Selection Strata Bicolor


Salvia Victoria Blue

Savia Victoria Blue 


Salvia Wendy's Wish

Salvia Wendys Wish