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Smaller Shrubs

for Northeast Florida


Azalea Duc De Rohan Medium or Moderate Sized Shrubs for Norhteast Florida     Azalea Duc De Rohan

Azalea Conversation Piece

 Azalea Pink Ruffle

Azalea Red Ruffle Smaller Sized Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Azalea Red Ruffle

Azalea Prize

Boxwood Shrubs For Northeast Florida      Boxwood

Rose Shrub Caldwell Pink Pet S & J Nursery  Caldwell Pink Rose

Holly Carissa Shrubs for Northeast Florida Landscapes     Holly Carissa


Indian Hawthorne Smaller sized shrubs For Northeast Florida     Indian Hawthorne

Blue Pacific Juniper Low Growing Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Juniper Blue Pacific

Juniper Parsonii Low Growing Shrubs For Norhteast Florida    Juniper Parsonii

Jack Frost Ligustrum Smaller Size Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Ligustrum 'Jack Frost'

Loropetalum Ruby Smaller Sized Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Loropetalum Ruby

Nandina Firepower Smaller Sized Shrubs for Northeast Florida     Nandina Dwarf 'Firepower'

Natal Plum Carissa 'Emerald Blanket'

 Pittosporum Wheelers Dwarf

Rosemary Weeping ( Rosmarinus officinalis prostratus)

Viburnum Mrs. Schillers Delight   Walters Viburnum Mrs. Schillers Delight

Florida native Shrub walters viburnum whorled class     Walters Viburnum 'Whorled Class'

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