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Upright Youpon Holly

in the Northeast Florida Landscape

Youpon Holly Upright female plant with berries in NovemberIlex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly Origins:


 - Native to North America, including Florida. 


Preferred Exposure of the Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly:


 - Upright Youpon Holly trees can be grown in a full sun or partial shade location in our Jacksonville and St. Augustine area landscapes.


 Foliage | Bark of the Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly :


 - Evergreen, oval leaves are dark green above and have NO blackish or dark brown pores on the bottom of the leaf ( An identification tool that helps differentiate it from Compacta Holly bushes that are also common in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area landscape). Leaves are .5 -1.5 inches long with a 1/8 inch petiole.


 - Bark on the Upright Youpon Holly tree is a white to grey color. Usually multi trunked, upright branches.


Soil Preference / Salt tolerance of the Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly:


- Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions clay, sand, loam, acidic, alkaline.


- Can be planted into dry soils as well as soils that are occasionally wet.


  - High salt tolerance.


Size Variance of the Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly :


 - Ilex Vomitoria trees are usually found in the Northeast Florida landscapes at sizes of 15-25 feet H | 15-20+ feet W.


Growth Habit:


 - Upright rounded to upright vase shape in form. 


 Growth Rate of the Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly:


 - Moderate to fast growing, expect Upright Youpon Holly trees to grow anywhere from 1-3 feet per year in height depending on water and nutrient availability. Responds well to heavy fertilization.


Blooms and Fruits of the Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly:


 -Inconspicuous greenish white flowers give way to beautiful red drupes in the fall on female plants. 


 - The 1/4 inch fruits on female plants attract birds to the landscape. And the leaves contain caffeine and can be used to make a coffee replacement or caffeine tea.


Water Requirements of the Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly :


 - Drought tolerant selection! Water well during the establishment period after being planted into the landscape from the S & J Nursery container.


Butterfly or Bird Attracting:


- Fruits attract birds to the landscape.


 Best Uses For Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly :


  - Easy care native landcapes plant selection for the Northeast Florida garden.  


 - Low trimming requirements and dense foliage growth makes Youpon Holly an ideal landscape choice for informal or natural looking privacy screens or property barriers. 


 - Ideal for hedges, specimen plantings and espalier forms.  


 - Female plants produce berries that attract birds to the garden.


Care of the Ilex vomitoria / Upright Youpon Holly :


 - In formal garden settings, consider cleaning up foliage at the base to expose the bright grey to white wood on the trunks. Prune down suckers as they develop from underneath the foliage canopy each year.  

 - Allow to grow untrimmed for natural property boundaries, plants will form thickets of impenetrable foliage.


 - Water every day during the establishment period. See watering your newly planted trees for more information. Drought tolerant and will not require additional irrigation after rooted and established into the landscape.


  - Fertilize each spring and again in summer if trying to get them to grow quickly with a mixture of Milorganite and a slow release poly coated plant food such as Osmocote or Stay Green general purpose plant food, sprinkling the fertilizer around the mulch circle underneath the foliage of the tree


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