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You Bet your Tomatoes

Fun Facts, tall tales, and a Handful of Useful Gardening Tips

By: Mike McGrath

A Rodale Organic Gardening Book

Charlotte's Green Bookworm 'You Bet Your Tomatoes' book review:

Mike McGrath has long been my absolute favorite garden author, I first read his material in a little publication called Green Prints that if you've never tried it or heard of it... look it up, they send it in the mail every few months and its full of gardeners tales, funny, inspiring and thought provoking. Anyways.... I always loved it when Mike McGrath would have an article, he knows how to make you laugh and we all need that don't we? So I was thrilled when I found this book and thrilled even more by the time I got to page two, ( Ok, I checked, technically its page 7 but its the second page of actual book!) he already had me grinning!

His sense of green humor in 'You Bet Your Tomatoes' is laugh out loud funny, so don't read it in to public a place! People will think your nuts! If garden books were rated by the smiley faces your teenager adds to your cell phone text messages this book would get the rolling on the floor laughing while he pounds with his fist 'smiley'.

I recommend this book to absolutely everybody who ever thought about growing a tomato plant in the yard. It covers the basics in simple, plain, easy to understand English with lots of funny comic inspired drawings to keep you grinning when things get technical. Mike goes over all these topics adding his personal stories and wit to each and every chapter. If your thinking about Tomatoes, do yourself a favor and don't skip this one!


Plant Installation Checklist BoxWhy Am I Doing This Instead Of Enjoying My Summer?

Plant Installation Checklist BoxPicking Your Tomatoes

( Do all of these things have funny, rude or mysterious names)

Plant Installation Checklist BoxThe Joy of Germinating

( Or Killing Your Own Tomatoes From Seed ) 

Plant Installation Checklist BoxThe Art of Tomato Planting

( you Want Me To BURY Them? You MONSTER )

Plant Installation Checklist BoxStaking and Caging

( No, not "OR," " AND" ! Got it?! " "Staking AND Caging" )

Plant Installation Checklist BoxFood, Water, and Basic Keeping - Alive Skills

( Oops, you mean I shouldn't have watered them each and every day? )

Plant Installation Checklist Boxpest control

( Am I the only creature around here NOT eating my tomatoes??? )

Plant Installation Checklist BoxDealing with Disease

( Can't we just take them to the hospital?  )

Plant Installation Checklist BoxThe Harvest and Beyond

( Aren't they supposed to stop being green at some point? )

( So this one cost me about 40 bucks, right? )

( Can the kids use the green ones to play Mr. Tomato Head? )



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